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MMX2&SSE instructions (extended Pentium3) can compile or assemble by with FreeBSD4.2. But SSE instructions can't run without kernel support, differ from MMX2. FreeBSD4.2R has no support for SSE ( I don't know 5-current). I fit SSE patch for 4.0R(by Mr. SUZUKI Issei ) to 4.2R.

Linux can use SSE after 2.4.x.


My SSE patch has merged 4-stable and 5-current. So, it is *NO* need any more SSE patch to 4.4R, 5-current(2001/08) and after.
# cd /usr/src
# zcat /PATH/TO/sys-r4?0-SSE.diff.gz |patch |& tee patch.log
After apply this patch, apend
in kernel configuration file, and config(8). Then "make depend && make install". After reboot, do confirm "sysctl hw.instruction_sse" results "hw.instruction_sse: 1".

There is test code for SSE.

(2001/01/26)It seem to harmless with mendocino celeron.
(2001/02/09)There is a mail from Mr. KATO Thanks a lot.
(2001/03/03)I confirmed that SSE instructions can use with single cuppermine celeron.
(2001/05/05)make patch for 4.3R.
(2001/05/15)Mr. KATO's WWW page was moved from
(2001/06/11)I made a patch for 5-current. I checked only single cuppermine celeron. SMP is not tested yet.
(2001/06/30)ohashi@kyutech reports me that Pentium4 on FreeBSD4.3 works fine. Thanks!
(2001/08/18)My SSE patches have been merged into FreeBSD -current and -stable. My send-pr: kern/28070 have been closed. And I added SSE2 test code to loop.C . But I can't test it, because I don't have Pentium4.
(2001/10/06)I confirmed that AthlonXP can use SSE even in SMP environment. I tested dual AthlonXP/1.33GHz. It's VERY fast!

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